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A Sassy Story...

Take a leap through the years of Sassy's and discover our journey til now.

Let's take it back to 2001...

Lets take it back to 2001, our muse Kirsty Bingham (aka Kirsty Mackison, K-Mac, Big Chief, B-Unit) began renting a nail bar in the notorious sunbed shop Chalkies 9 High Street Irvine and called it Sassy Nails after her daughter Sara who later began as a sunbed receptionist and one of the first ever spray tanners in the area in 2002. Back then our days were filled with sculpted nails 3 way buffed to perfection (before the days of nail drills, tip and overlays   & light cured top coats) clients moving from the spray room to the stand tan to dry, covered only by a large red housecoat. Or Irvine’s finest in for a wee sunnie.

In the winter of 2003, the owners of Chalkies, Irene & Donnie decided to give up the lease of 9 High Street which gave Kirsty the perfect opportunity to expand Sassy Nails to Sassy’s – becoming a nail & beauty salon as Sara had started at Reid Kerr College doing beauty therapy. This salon was the place to be and often clients would arrive early or stay after their appointment just for the banter, we also had our first few team members join Sassy’s, Lizanne & Eileen for nails, Leanne Abercrombie & Natalie Tonner for beauty & holistic. After 8 wonderful years filled with the fondest Sassy memories it was time for us to downsize and make way across town to 61 East Road and rent space in KZ Hair, in the January of 2009 you could find Kirsty & her nail bar at the bottom of the stairs – it was a tight squeeze but it worked. Sara, her beauty & spray room upstairs. We spent 5 amazing years renting this space before again the opportunity came again to take on the full shop and this time we decided to go BIG.

In the January of 2014, the people of Ayrshire saw one of the biggest and brightest salons being brought to life and oh my what a whirlwind it was, we had a massive, insanely talented bunch of girls offering Hair, Nails and Beauty that were booked for weeks sometimes months in advance.

Kirsty & Sara had built up a big, loyal clientele in the 13 years before our expansion and gave them the chance of a one stop shop that worked wonderfully. Our clients could now come to Sassy’s for every hair, nail and beauty need they could ever want under the one roof filled with bold colours and décor and the iconic Sassy stairs to beauty heaven.

Our team Kirsty, Sara, Amy Calder, Helen, Ria, Claire F, Brooke, Claire W, Yana, Viktoria, Kayleigh, Lauren, Jordyn, Lorrissa, Stacey Leask, Aimee Trainer, Ainslie, Abilee, Jane, Megan and everyone else that made a mark on the BIG Sassy’s had the best time creating such a wonderful workplace. We offered every service imaginable & often being the first to offer it, the latest brow treatments, SMPU, nail designs, balayage and weaves the list goes on. We won awards for our services and excelled in everything we done.

In October 2016, we then opened our sister salon Too Sassy with its own team Jackie Mackie, Jo, Gemma Peel, Jodie, Candice & Stephanie Ross. This little wonderland had a great run for the 2 years it was open giving clients the option of a more low-key, calmer salon environment but still offering the same treatments and services the bigger salon did.But like all great things, they eventually come to an end and it was decided in 2019 we were to go our separate ways to continue offering the best service to our clients. Our OG Kirsty was to leave the beauty industry and become the best Granny to her wee Buddy, the hair girls opened their own separate hair salons which are stunning and we still highly recommend! The nail techs have their own nail bars and are continuing to produce lovely nail designs! We still keep in touch with most of the girls who have ever been part of the Sassy story & it really does make my heart full that I have had the chance to work alongside such amazing talents, still see them create amazing things & most importantly still supporting each other.

As for Sassy's now...

...well we are still in East Road Car Park, just round the back a bit now in the cutest little building and have the most ridiculously amazing team – Sara (yes I’m still here 20 years later!) doing what my Mama taught me, Lauren & Jordyn who made the move with me from the BIG Sassy’s, Jackie & Jodie who also made the move from Too Sassy, Debbie, our lockdown child joined us in 2020 & Evie who joined us in 2021.

20 years in the industry has taught me this, if you don’t love it, don’t do it & that’s why now we offer a handful of treatments that we love, we enjoy and not to blow any trumpets but we are sh*t hot at – we have found our Sassy Niche. We learn, we grow everyday together as a team and it’s the best. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason, or maybe all my experiences over the years have proved that it is actually true – either way I know that the Sassy Story as it is just now is exactly where it should be, our team is thriving in a workplace beautifully created over the past 20 years and the vibe between the girls in the salon is just a wonderful thing to experience every day.


As for the future of Sassy’s … we can’t wait to pass on decades of knowledge in our Training Academy but first I need to become more Tech savvy – it’s a slow process! Our team will continue to be the best possible version of themselves and the work that they create. And our clients will still always receive the Sassy experience they deserve…

All my love to anyone who has been part of the Sassy Story so far, thanks for making it a belter.

Sara x

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