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Artificial Lashes


Masters of Lash Lifts, we use only quality approved products to perform this chemical process to achieve optimum results with minimum damage that will last 6-8 weeks. Our stylists have a vast amount of knowledge in every aspect of this treatment to ensure the best results for your lashes. Eyelash tint included in price & complimentary finishing products that's suited to your lash.


This treatment can only be performed every 8-10 weeks and we recommend maintenance appointment in between which include tinting and tailored lash care.

Lash Lift

Masters of lash lift with 19years experience, using high quality products this chemical process gives us the ability to subtly lift your natural lash to create visible natural lashes lasting 6-8 weeks, eyelash tint is included in the price. This treatment is also great for clients looking to correct the shaped of lashes that grow downwards or to the side. Patch test required 48hrs before service.



Eyelash Tint

Adding colour to your lashes lasting up to 6 weeks. Retro treatment but still a favourite among clients. Patch test required 48hrs before service.




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