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Shaved Legs

Laser Hair Removal

With over two decades of experience as Hair Removal Specialists, the team are trained to the highest standards.


Our device -The Cutera Excel HR (with wavelengths Alexandrite 755nm & Nd:Yag 1064nm) is considered

The Gold Standard in laser technology & is FDA approved.

Our ethos of providing the ultimate customer experience, whilst being extremely knowledgeable in our field &
investing in products that guarantee results creates the perfect environment to start your laser journey with


Why choose us?

Our Team       Our Device       Our Service       The Location       The Treatment

Why Choose Us

‘No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it’

The reason you are even looking into your laser journey at Sassy’s all starts with us. Our company is successful for the simple reason of our amazing team, we thrive in our Sassy environment & we grow as professionals together because we love what we do. We understand the value of our team, thus creating an atmosphere where the team understands the value of our clients.

The team at Sassy’s have worked side by side for almost a decade & we are so much more than a clinic offering a service. Our team are passionate about creating an experience for each client, aiming to manage your expectations to the best of our abilities. We are professional yet down to earth & understanding, we are a close team and spend a lot of time in and out the salon together – this brings a vibe to the salon like no other, our existing clients love the time they spend with us because it is hassle free, friendly and welcoming.

Read our client feedback here


Our Device

Cutera Excel HR offers two wavelengths, Alexandrite 755nm perfect for targeting fine/medium hairs & Nd:Yag 1064nm best for targeting medium/thick hairs and can also treat any skin colour.


Our device delivers safe, effective high volume hair reduction. Our machine also contains a triple sapphire cooling tip to cool before, during & after each pulse making it the least painful laser on the market.

Cutera Inc was founded in 1998, they design, develop, manufacture & market technologies for forward-thinking practises so they can provide safe and effective treatments to our clients.

More info on our laser treatments can be found on our FAQ’s

Our clients don’t love what we do, they love why we do it.

There is little that compares to walking into a place and immediately feeling comfortable and you can just be yourself that is why we are great believers in treating everyone how we would like to be treated. We
understand the importance of time spent wisely, normalising that everything is normal and making our clients feel good in their time with us.

Our ethos of providing the ultimate customer experience is where our heart lies.

The continuous learning & training, device & product investments to achieve results are quite simply industry standards in our eyes.

Our salon is a safe space for everyone offering our services with a strict patient-therapist confidentiality policy.

LGBTQ-friendly & a transgender safe space.


We pride ourselves on the feedback from clients that have previously visited the salon


Our Service

Laser Treatment

The Location

Proud to be North Ayrshires first laser hair removal clinic based in Irvine town centre. With various bus services to the High Street, we are through the alley ‘Coopers Close’. We are also a 10-minute walk from Irvine
train station.

Our entrance opens onto East Road Car Park (parking available) giving you that little bit of privacy away from the High Street.

Our salon is wheelchair accessible, spacious & friendly.


The Treatment

A consultation & patch test appointment is essential 7 days before your treatment. Treatment can not be done without this, and we ask you do not pay for sessions until this is completed.

Before treatment
To achieve the best results and comfortable treatment you will need to follow our pre-treatment guidelines

  • Avoid any tanning – suntan, sun beds or fake tan. If the skin is recently tanned, the laser can potentially burn the surface of the skin. To avoid this, we ask you wait 4 weeks post any tan to book your laser appointment

  • You will sign a consent form at every appointment to say you haven’t been exposed to any type of tan before appointment.

  • Avoid waxing – when starting a laser journey the only method of hair removal you can do is shaving. For facial we offer complimentary Dermaplanning on the treated area pre-treatment.

  • Clean & exfoliate the treatment area – to achieve optimum results the treatment area must be thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated pre-treatment. We cannot stress enough the importance of what clean, exfoliated and product free skin can have on your results.

  • Avoid topical products with high Vitamin A/AHA or retinols on the treatment area 7 days prior to treatment

  • Shave – 24hours before treatment paying close attention to removing all the hairs in the treated area

  • If you are a previous regular waxer, you must wait 4-6 weeks from your last wax appointment to your first laser appointment

  • Avoid caffeine - before appointment as this can heighten sensitivity

On the Day

  • Arrive on time to the salon and ensure all the pre treatment requirements are met, if not consider rescheduling your appointment to a more appropriate time. Laser treatments require a 24hour cancellation notice failure to do so may result in the session being deducted from your course

  • Undressing – areas being treated must be free of clothes during treatment.

  • Marking the area – we use a white pencil to section the treated area to ensure we don’t miss anywhere. We will either mark round or cover with a plaster any moles/freckles to be avoided and tattoos

  • Goggles – we provide you with specialised goggles to wear during treatment, these are non-negotiable and must be worn throughout the full treatment. Looking directly at the laser is extremely dangerous & the goggles are for your safety.

  • Comfort Levels – occasionally we will stop treatment to see how you are getting on we ask you are honest if you do feel any levels of discomfort. As your eyes are covered, we will talk to you throughout the process letting you know what’s happening and when. We ask if at any point you would like to pause you put your hand up

  • Laser Settings - we will often change the settings of our machine in line with the results you are achieving, we will always let you know this during or before treatment and we will also ask for feedback on how any new settings feel.

  • Positions – in some treatments we may ask you to stay in a specific position to allow us to treat the area. For example, the perianal you will need to hold your legs up or go up on your knees for us to treat the area. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

  • Cooling – we perform pre, during & post cooling with your treatment. We may give you cooling gel to take away with you after treatment, we ask you use this as recommended

  • Monitoring Progress – we take photos of treated areas to monitor results, at consultation we ask if you agree for results to be posted on our social media. We may also contact you a few days after your treatment to see how the area has responded to the treatment

After the treatment

  • Cooling Gel – if we have recommended post cooling gels, we advise you use this for 2-3 days after treatment

  • Products – avoided any products that are highly perfumed on the treated area for 48hrs

  • Sun Exposure – must be avoided for at least 4 weeks post treatment. SPF 30+ is always advised whether you are exposed to sun or not

  • Heat Exposure – such as hot baths, saunas or steam rooms should be avoided for the first 24-48hrs

  • Loose Clothing – must be worn to & from your appointment

  • Shaving – is the only method of hair removal that can be used in between laser sessions. If we are treating the face and you don’t usually shave, we offer Dermaplanning pre treatment to remove the hairs



1 x Treatment

Course of 6

Upper Lip
Top Lip & Chin
Side Face
Full Face
Beard Sculpt














1 x Treatment

Course of 6

Silky Sassy

*Underarm, Brazilian & Half Leg

Silky Smooth

*Underarm, Full Leg & Hollywood

Back & Chest









Body & Intimate

1 x Treatment

Course of 6





Half Leg

Full Leg

High Bikini






























*Complimentary Areas*

1 x Treatment

Course of 6

Hands & Fingers

*Inc in forearm

Feet & Toes

Inc in half or full leg

Inc in all intimate areas

Snail Trail

Inc in all intimate areas











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